1) Check your cake!

Please check your cake on collection to ensure you are happy with the quality of the work and to confirm the cake is in good condition. You will be told which parts of the cake contain non-edible supports. Once you have collected your cake, it is your responsibility so please be aware of the following advice.

2) Carrying your cake

When carrying the cake you need to place your hands flat underneath the base of the cake box, NEVER the sides. Do not place items onto the top of the cake box.

3) Handling stacked cakes

Stacked cakes are often the same size as the box they are packaged in, any pressure on the sides of the cake box may result in the cake being dented.

4) Bad weather

Cake collected in bad weather needs to be protected from the elements, a wet box may damage the icing, strong wind may blow the lid off.

5) Transporting in the boot

The boot of your car should be made level to transport the cake and you can use cut out bits of foam or rolled up tea towels in between the boxes to stop them from sliding around. Please ensure you have emptied the boot before placing the cakes inside.

6) Transporting on the seats

Find a flat place inside the car to put the boxes on. Don’t place them on car seats as they have a slight angle and chances are your cake will slide within the box and be dented or crushed. Fold down the seats and use a large bit of flat wood, carpet foam or a non-skid mat to make the surface level if the cake is large or has several tiers.

7) Plan your Journey

While driving the vehicle try and make the journey as smooth as possible by avoiding any sudden jerks or braking hard and give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue without the need to speed. The last thing you want is to have to brake sharply and your cake go flying. Also try to plan your route around traffic calming measures such as speed humps as these can damage the decorations and fondant.

8) Don't dally!

Do not make any other stops whilst your cake is in the car – go directly to your venue and any last minute stops can be made on your return home. Do not leave your cake in the car unattended, as direct sunlight, or heat may damage the cake.

9) Storing the cake!

Cake covered in fondant should NEVER be stored in the fridge as this causes the fondant to sweat which can make the icing tear and colouring run. Instead, keep the cake in the box in which it was supplied, in a cool place, away from windows and direct sunlight and on a flat surface.

10) Note non-edible parts

Please note any parts of the cake which are not edible such as supporting dowels and supports within decorations should not be served for consumption.

11) Enjoy it Fresh!

Your cake has been made as fresh as possible and is intended to be eaten fresh.  Store any left-over cake in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place. Cut cake can be stored in the fridge but please be aware of the points raised in 10 above and that refrigerated cake make become stale faster. Cake, properly stored, should be consumed within 3 days of collection.

12) After Collection

Please note – No responsibility will be taken for cakes once they have left the premises.